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Inspired by Tradition Collection . Eye of Horus Ring . A modern take on an ancient amulet, great for everyday styling.

The eye of Horus is perhaps the most recognisable totem from Egyptian symbology. In ancient Egypt the eye was used as a funeral amulet as protection against evil and rebirth in the underworld, and for decorating mummies, coffins, and tombs. When worn as jewelry fashioned of gold, silver, lapis, wood, porcelain, or carnelian, the eye served to ensure safety, protect health, and provide the wearer with wisdom and prosperity.

The Eye of Horus Ring can be engraved with your very own personalised message. Made in sterling silver, this 2 piece ring set is beautiful in every sense of the word and sometimes that special gift needs a more personal touch.
⊹ free of charge.
⊹ maximum character limit: 13 characters for the eye and 15 for the eyebrow.

⊹ 4mm band width; 8.5mmW x 7mmH eyebrow; 19mmW x 6mmH eye.
⊹ 925 Sterling Silver; 6.30g eye, 5.00g eyebrow; weight based on size 7½.
⊹ by P3PPER’S; 100% Original Designs.

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Eye of Horus Ring

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